Teeth whitening usually involve a series of procedure that makes use of some chemicals that could serve whitening agents. Teeth whitening involves two types vitaland  non-vital. The vital whitening makes use of whitening agents like whitening products that could be bought over the counter. Most vital tooth whitening procedures makes use of a whitening gel that is applied directly to the teeth, before the application of the whitening gel however the dentist or cosmetic dentist usually applies a substance that protects the gum, use of whitening toothpaste is alsoinvolved here except that it is not as efficient as the whitening products used by the dentist.

Dental veneers involves the coating of the tooth using veneers, these process is somewhat surgical and carried out by a cosmetic dentist, the procedures leave a natural looking veneer that looks same as the the normal tooth and a very appealing look afterwards. There are about two types of dental veneers, they are the porcelain dental veneers and the composite resin veneers. They are about the same thing except that the porcelain dental veneers lasts much longer that the composite resin veneers.



Dental veneers usually have a long life span ranging from about 10-15 years much longer than the teeth whitening procedures. The dental veneers can retain their appeal and whiteness for a longer period of time than the teeth whitening procedures which could revert back to their normal state if the procedure is stopped before the entire process is finished.


when choosing the procedure right for you whether it is teeth whitening or the use of veneers, it is very necessary to put into consideration the length of time it will take for the entire process to be carried out. The teeth whitening technique usually takes about threevisits to the dentist over a wide period of time before the procedure is finished. Therefore, it takes a longer period of time before the whitening results are seen. However, for the veneers, the results are seen immediately the procedure is carried out and the veneers are fixed.


Another factor to take into consideration Is the cost, while dental veneers basically provide excellent results in no time, their costs are relatively high when compared to the teeth whitening procedures which do not cost much at all especially if the teeth whitening is done at home using teeth whitening tooth paste.


In terms of result, the two procedures give excellent results, white teeth.


For porcelain dental veneers, the procedure is usually fixed, after a series of steps the veneers are fixed and factors such as tooth problems do not really affect the success of the process but for the teeth whitening procedures, issues like decayed gums could very well hamper the success of the procedure.


Generally, both teeth whitening procedures and veneers are very good methods but everyone has their own preference so it is important that before you choose or decide to pick one process over the other that you have taken the necessary factors into consideration to ensure the best results possible. It is advisable that you meet with a dentist and seek consultation on which process to go through with as the dentist would be in the best position to know what is best for you.

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