Teeth whitening usually involve a series of procedure that makes use of some chemicals that could serve whitening agents. Teeth whitening involves two types vitaland  non-vital. The vital whitening makes use of whitening agents like whitening products that could be bought over the counter. Most vital tooth whitening procedures makes use of a whitening gel that is applied directly to the teeth, before the application of the whitening gel however the dentist or cosmetic dentist usually applies a substance that protects the gum, use of whitening toothpaste is alsoinvolved here except that it is not as efficient as the whitening products used by the dentist.

Dental veneers involves the coating of the tooth using veneers, these process is somewhat surgical and carried out by a cosmetic dentist, the procedures leave a natural looking veneer that looks same as the the normal tooth and a very appealing look afterwards. There are about two types of dental veneers, they are the porcelain dental veneers and the composite resin veneers. They are about the same thing except that the porcelain dental veneers lasts much longer that the composite resin veneers.



Dental veneers usually have a long life span ranging from about 10-15 years much longer than the teeth whitening procedures. The dental veneers can retain their appeal and whiteness for a longer period of time than the teeth whitening procedures which could revert back to their normal state if the procedure is stopped before the entire process is finished.


when choosing the procedure right for you whether it is teeth whitening or the use of veneers, it is very necessary to put into consideration the length of time it will take for the entire process to be carried out. The teeth whitening technique usually takes about threevisits to the dentist over a wide period of time before the procedure is finished. Therefore, it takes a longer period of time before the whitening results are seen. However, for the veneers, the results are seen immediately the procedure is carried out and the veneers are fixed.


Another factor to take into consideration Is the cost, while dental veneers basically provide excellent results in no time, their costs are relatively high when compared to the teeth whitening procedures which do not cost much at all especially if the teeth whitening is done at home using teeth whitening tooth paste.


In terms of result, the two procedures give excellent results, white teeth.


For porcelain dental veneers, the procedure is usually fixed, after a series of steps the veneers are fixed and factors such as tooth problems do not really affect the success of the process but for the teeth whitening procedures, issues like decayed gums could very well hamper the success of the procedure.


Generally, both teeth whitening procedures and veneers are very good methods but everyone has their own preference so it is important that before you choose or decide to pick one process over the other that you have taken the necessary factors into consideration to ensure the best results possible. It is advisable that you meet with a dentist and seek consultation on which process to go through with as the dentist would be in the best position to know what is best for you.

What Could Cosmetic Dentistry Do for You?

 There are a couple of things that cosmetic dentists can do for you. Things that will make your teeth a lot healthier and great looking. The problem is that when most people are considering cosmetic dentistry, they don’t really know what type of procedures they can be expected. Things that can have a huge impact on your life and your dental health. These are some of the procedures that you can get from cosmetic dentistry, by choosing between these procedures.

Filling gaps between your teeth

The first great thing about cosmetic dentists is that they are able to fill in the gaps between your teeth. Making sure that your teeth don’t have any gaps that are making your appearance not perfect.

Many people are walking with teeth that have gaps in between. This is because they think that this isn’t something that can be fixed by dentists. However, this is one thing that cosmetic dentistry can do for you.

Repair any damaged teeth

Over the years, teeth can get damaged. The damage that is hard to repair or that is hard to accept. It changes your whole appearance.

But, this doesn’t really mean that you should live with your damaged teeth. There is one solution to any damaged teeth. You can just go for cosmetic dentistry that is done by a cosmetic dentist. They will make you look as good as new.

Reshaping your teeth

This is a similar problem as when you have damaged teeth. Over time your teeth are damaging and, you might need to get someone to reshape your teeth. Make sure that your mouth is looking at its best. The moment that a cosmetic dentist is going to reshape your teeth, he is going to make sure that all broken teeth are repaired and that it is reshaped to the normal shape of the teeth.

There are many reasons why people are considering reshaping teeth, and it is possible if you are going to see the right doctor.

Straightening your teeth

There are some new ways that you can use to straighten your teeth. You don’t need to be a child anymore to straighten your teeth and making your smile look perfect. Dental veneers are now something that you can use to straightening your teeth without anyone seeing it. more details here: http://www.passaiccountydentalsociety.org/forbidden-facts-blanchiment-des-dents-uncovered-expert/

This is the method that many adults are using to straighten their teeth these days. The great thing is that the veneers are transparent and no one will notice it. You need to go to a cosmetic dentist for this type of veneers.

These days, there are many things that cosmetic surgery can do for you. The only thing that you need to know is the different types of dentistry that you should choose. This is why you should make sure that you know all the procedures that you can get from a cosmetic dentist. There are some general dental procedures that you can do at a cosmetic dentist, but there are also some new cosmetic procedures like the dental veneers that you can choose from.

Your smile makeover using dental veneers

As cosmetic dentists well know, there’s nothing people want as much as a lovely set of pearly white, gleaming teeth. Who doesn’t want to have the extra confidence of a dazzling white smile to help them look and feel great? While cosmetic dentistry has evolved in leaps and bounds over recent years, however, there’s only so much that they can do with the teeth God gave you, especially if you’ve had previous aesthetic issues that impact how beautiful your smile really is. The good news is it’s no longer necessary to hide your smile from the world just because of a few cosmetic issues.

Dental veneers explained

This is where dental veneers can step into the breach. If true perfection is what you seek, you may want to consider using porcelain veneers to help you achieve your goals. Think of dental veneers as a thin layer of porcelain, something like a wafer, designed to cap and cover your own tooth totally. The thickness of the porcelain veneer can vary from as little as half a millimeter through to one millimeter, depending on the needs of the underlying tooth. While porcelain is the usual material of choice, modern options also include resin and acrylic veneers, depending on your individual mouth and budget. All options are durable and stain resistant, providing years of smiling brightly.

Veneers blend totally naturally with your own teeth

Once the dental veneer is in place it will look, feel and appear as if it is your ‘own’ tooth. This helps not only with maintenance, but also boosts your daily confidence and helps you feel great. They work wonders to cover chipped, worn or cracked teeth, of course, but they can also be used as a solution to staining and crooked teeth that can’t be repaired by other methods. If you have gaps in your teeth, they can also be used to fill them in without the need for excessive bridging or invasive surgeries. They blend totally naturally with your own teeth, so no one else needs to know anything about your mouth’s little secrets. You’re free to dazzle every time you smile!

The importance of cosmetic dentistry practice

It is important to remember that dental veneers are permanent, so you need to choose a cosmetic dentistry practice that’s not only trustworthy but which has an established record of high-quality cosmetic dentistry to their name. Ask to see examples of other patients they have treated to ensure you’re making a good choice, and be sure to fully discuss the implications of dental veneers and whether they’re the right fit for yours with your dentist before making your final decision.

High quality, professionally applied dental veneers are already used by a wealth of stars and other people in the spotlight to ensure that they always put their best foot forward. Why not harness the same power for yourself, and ensure you always leave a bright, shining smile in your wake as you go through your daily life? Dental veneers will give you back the confidence you’re lacking, and help you flash the world your best smile all the time.