Choosing between adult braces and invisible mouthguard treatments

When it comes to getting braces, it has almost become part of regular adolescence, with more and more students having them placed on their teeth to correct their smile at a young age.

However, for many of us, the time to get them when we were younger has passed and, now we are adults, we are left deciding on which method to use to correct our smiles.

If you find yourself in this unfamiliar position, below is some information to help you decide between traditional braces and a more invisible style treatment known as mouthguards.

Regular Braces

Despite how they look, braces have come a long way since they were first invented and implemented. While you can still expect to see the traditional metal and wires, the treatment time has been drastically reduced thanks to the introduction of new archwire alloys. However, they still work in much the same way.

Metal brackets are painlessly attached to your teeth. Once this is completed, a think piece of wire in the general shape of a perfect curved row of teeth it clipped onto each of the brackets.

As the temperatures in your mouth rise, the archwire activates and attempts to return to its perfect original shape, taking your teeth with it in the meantime. If it sounds barbaric, it’s because it is. However, it also works. Very well.


  • It’s the fastest system to move your teeth
  • It can be quite affordable


  • They are glaringly obvious
  • They can be painful as your teeth move
  • Require a good amount of cleaning and maintenance


There are a few names for this type of treatment, with the most commonly known being Invisalign. And while they may look better, believe it or not, they work in much the same way as traditional braces.

Using a mold of your mouth and your teeth, dental technicians will design a new smile for you. Once they have this new smile, they will look at your existing teeth and plan a series of weekly movements that will be required to reach the perfect smile goal.

Each week you put in a new, completely invisible mouthguard, and over the course of the week, it works to move teeth. Similar to braces, only invisible.


  • Being invisible is the obvious primary benefit
  • The ability to eat and drink normally and without cleaning afterward


  • Are limited in their ability to move and manipulate teeth
  • Takes longer
  • Can be quite expensive

How long will it take?

It doesn’t matter which option you choose, you are in for a long wait. Unlike shopping the Groupon Coupons page for Athleta, changing your style and look with braces isn’t a short process. The shortest time any Orthodontist is likely to tell you is 12 months. This isn’t because your teeth will be moving for this entire period, it’s because your teeth and gums need sufficient time to become accustomed to the new positioning of your teeth.

If you have been making excuses not to fix an adult smile, today is the day where you decide to take action!

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